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Can't Let Go: Putting out a 2nd Edition

Watermarked is the first book I published.  From start to finish, it took me ten years.  Before that, there was a few failed attempts at short stories and a hefty collection of fanfiction that I hope never sees the light of day.

When I say "ten years," I don't mean that I worked steadily on it for that length of time.  It was a lot of stopping and starting. Lots of restarting from the top as well. The version that exists today is a far cry from where it started, save for the essence of the Jack and Audrey plot:  boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, girl falls apart.  If I had to count, I'd venture that there has been at least seven versions of the story.

Being that it was my first novel, I made a lot of mistakes, the chief of which was that it was too ambitious.  Shifting character perspectives.  First person present tense.  Heavy subject matter. And the length - oh my goodness, the length.  The first published version was 763 pages.  In my defense, it was doub…

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