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The Song that Birthed Flynn Conlon

When I began working on Watermarked, I was a different sort of writer than I am.  Younger.  More naive. Likewise, Watermarked was a drastically different story than the one it became.  I won't detail all the ways, but it was basically a traditional meet cute, fall-in-love, experience a problem, break up, and get back together kind of romance.  A fluff piece.  Jack and Audrey were the main characters. Though Flynn and Ray were present, they existed solely to be friends to the main characters.  They had no story arcs, no development, and barely any personality.  When I finally published the book, Flynn Conlon had gone from a one-dimensional side character to my personal favorite.

The driving force of the transformation was a song. A simple song, but powerful and persistent.

Watermarked didn't really start to take on its current shape until the summer after I graduated college.  I moved into an apartment with my college best friend and enjoyed all of the freedoms that came with i…

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