Watermarked Cut Scene - Flynn

Flynn, in Chapter 16:  get better

This is the second act of my life.  All of my files are marked ‘in-progress.’  Isn’t progress supposed to feel like moving forward?  I’m here, treading water somewhere between victory and a white flag. I’m stuck.  Moving forward is brutal.  Going back’s not an option.  

It’s past midnight, and at this hour, you can’t get anything done.  That’s not true. I used to do an awful lot of things around this time. This is when I did rails and painted into oblivion.  This is when I drink too much and slept around. This is when I worried.  None of those things are worth doing anymore.  At least, that’s what they tell me.  

I want to believe them.  

When I get out of here, I’ll be clean.  I’ll be healed.  Brand new.  Not sick anymore. These are beautiful things, and I want them all.  The difficulty comes in believing I can actually have them. There’s got to be some kind of catch.  

I think here they call the “catch” a relapse.

Author's note: Part of this actually did make the final cut but the resulting scene was not delivered in it's full expansive beauty. I love elaboration, but the page count was getting quite high at this point. Still, I love the mood that this little bit conveys. I think it's easy to relate to. We've all experienced a moment in our lives where we feel stuck and have to make a choice between staying the same and moving forward.

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