Watermarked Scenes - Audrey

“Jack,” I say wearily, unsure of how else to respond.

He shakes his head, drops his arms to his side and takes a step toward me.  “Just…hold still,” he says very softly, almost inaudibly.  I’m not sure if this is a whisper for the sake of being tender, or just him offering me a response to quell my protests while he remains in the thick of his own thoughts.  His concentration is intense.  I almost feel the ripple in the air that he makes in drawing nearer. 

Sleep had deadened my perception, but the synapses suddenly start firing. When I realize what’s about to transpire, I open my mouth to question him, dissuade him, or reason with him.  But, he kisses me anyway, despite my half-hearted, angsty little attempt at protest. It’s, at first, soft and light.  A fleeting warm press of skin upon skin.   One second. Maybe two. When he withdraws, I stand unmoving, scarcely breathing through parted lips.  Something should be said, but I’ve no idea what.  He takes my silence as an invitation to lean in and kiss me again. 

This time, I kiss back. 

Note:  So, I'm deep into writing XO, the second book in the Watermarked series.  How deep?  Like "1000+  words a day, all I can think about, really excited" deep.  I recently wrote an exchange that dredged up memories of the first book - this scene in particular.   Though I've done some horrible things to them, I really do love these two together. 


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