Hey there,

I’m Jess.  I’m die-hard introvert who enjoys staying home, binge-watching period dramas on Netflix, and staying up late to read.  I love painting, photography, ballet, caffeine, eating food that is bad for me, and of course, writing.

I once got in a fight with my dad because he insisted that I take a typing class in high school when I thought an extra semester of art was a better choice.  During the fight, I actually uttered the words, “But I’ll never use that!”  In my defense, I was fifteen at the time.  Still, I eat my words every day as I thank my dad for seeing reason when I couldn’t.  Confession:  I also may have said the same thing about Photoshop. 

I live in Southern Louisiana where summers are oppressively hot and winter does not exist.   For the past twelve years, I worked in public education, mostly as an elementary school teacher. I’ve taken an early retirement to work on my writing career and raise my two very active, tiny children.  Saying that my hands are full is an understatement. My hands, my feet, my lap – hey, can I get some help over here, maybe? Anyone?  No?

I'm an indie author who writes contemporary fiction and YA fantasy.  If you’d like to connect on social media to see what I’m up to, share some book recommendations, or point out a typo in one of my books (whatever floats your boat), you can find me at the follow places:

Twitter:  @jesstitone


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